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AutoSocial is a WordPress plugin which enables you to automatically post your posts, pages and custom posts to Facebook (Pages only), Google My Business, LinkedIn (profile and company pages), Twitter and Pinterest (coming soon) automatically as well as being able to schedule and manage updates.

AutoSocial combines the awesomeness of our free social media plugins: WP LinkedIn Auto Publish and Google My Business Auto Publish but extends this functionality to Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest (coming soon) so you can manage all the social media accounts that matter all in one place. But beyond this, AutoSocial provides a fantastic interface to post now and schedule posts using a Buffer-like interface so you can add edit and schedules posts for multiple social media profiles. We even have an integration with so your post links can be automatically shortened if desired.

AutoSocial comes with responsive and friendly support and unlike the free plugins AutoSocial is actively worked on so we are keen to hear your feature requests.

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